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Lepu Medical

Lepu Medical Ai Analysis Diagnostic Smart 12 Lead ECG Monitor Tablet S120 Touch Screen with WiFi Wireless Transmission

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  • 7 inch high-resolution color touch screen, easy to operate. Portable and lightweight design, compact in size.
  • Can be powered by an external DC power supply, and a built-in rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Support synchronous acquisition and display of the 9 and 12-lead waveforms, as well as heart/cardiac rate detection.
  • Support automatic pacing detection and marking.
  • Support auto RR(respiratory rate) analysis, HRV(heart rate variability), medicine test, ECG(Electrocardiogram) event mode.
  • Provide 4 sampling modes: pre-sampling, real-time sampling, periodic sampling, and trigger sampling.
  • Input patient information via a virtual alphanumeric keyboard and barcode scanning.
  • Freeze the ECG(Electrocardiogram) waveform on the screen.
  • Output files in multiple formats, such as Carewell ECG, PDF, BMP, HL7, DICOM, and SCP.
  • Store, preview, review, edit, export, upload, print and search patient data.
  • Support wireless transmission of ECG data via WiFi and mobile networks.
  • Support laser printer via USB port.
  • Export patient data to a USB flash disk via a USB connector.
  • Support the user login permission control, use password or account & password authentication to use the device.
  • Support online and offline login to the device, and view the historical patient data of the department according to the login account.
  • Support connection with Ai-ECG Platform in achieving intelligent diagnosis (Optional).

* Certificate: CE (Click to view details >>)

What is the AI-ECG Platform?

The AI-ECG Platform is an artificial intelligence(AI) electrocardiogram(ECG) assisted analysis and diagnosis system independently developed by Lepu Medical.

* High Accuracy Rate:

  • Test by 50,000,000 training data and 1,000,000 independent measured data, the average accuracy rate of the AI-ECG platform reaches 95.2%.

* High Analysis Speed:

  • Just Take 1 second for automatically resting ECG analysis. The time saved can reduce the overall time of clinical ECG analysis.

* Comprehensive Diagnosis:

  • Support 16 types of cardiac classification and 104 types of ECG(electrocardiogram) diagnostic classifications.

Product Details and Specifications:

* Basic Information:

  • Brand: Lepu Medical
  • Product Name: ECG Tablet Monitor
  • Model: Neo ECG S120
  • Manufacturer: Lepu Medical
  • Origin: China
  • Warranty Period: 18 Months
  • Service Life: 5 Years (actually can be used longer)

 * Technical Specifications:

Heart Rate range: 30bpm~300bpm
Accuracy: ±1
Leads: 9 or 12 lead synchronous acquisition
A / D conversion: 24 bits
Sampling rate: 32000 samples/Sec
Common mode rejection ratio
  • ≥140dB (AC filter on)
  • ≥120dB (AC filter off)

Time constant: ≥5s
Frequency response: 0.01HZ~350HZ (+0.4db-3.0db)
Sensitivity: Auto, 2.5mm/mV, 5 mm/mV, 10 mm/mV, 20mm/mV, 40 mm/mV, less than ±5% error


  • AC filter: 50Hz, 60Hz, Off
  • EMG filter: 25Hz, 35Hz, 45Hz, Off
  • ADS filter: 0.01 Hz, 0.05 Hz, 0.32 Hz, 0.67 Hz
  • Low pass filter: 75Hz,100Hz,150Hz,300Hz, Off

Paper speed: 5mm/s, 6.25mm/s, 10mm/s, 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s and 50mm/s, less than ±3% error
Input Impedance: ≥100MΩ (10Hz)
Input Circuit Current: ≤10nA
Calibration voltage: 1mV±2%
Depolarization voltage: ±900mV, ±5%
Noise: ≤12.5μV
Amplitude quantisation: 0.95 μV/LSB
Recovery time after defibrillation discharge: <10s

Pacer pulse display

  • Pacing pulse with an amplitude of ±2mV~±700mV
  • Duration of 0.1ms~2.0ms, A-5 the rise time of less than 100µs
  • The frequency of 100/min can be displayed on the ECG recording

Minimum detectable signal: 20μVp-p
Display7” high-resolution tablet color touch screen
Size: 197mm(L) x 112.4mm(W) x 26.1mm(H)
Net Weight: 0.8Kg
Analysis algorithm: Glasgow

Package Details:

Package Weight: 4.0kg
Package Size: 332mm x 105mm x 289mm

Standard Accessories Packing List:

  • 1 x Main Unit of Neo ECG S120 Monitor
  • 1 x Smart-ECG 7-inch leather sheath
  • 1 x ECG Cable (IEC, Φ4mm, Banana connector)
  • 1 x Adult Precordial Suction Electrodes (Φ4mm,6 PCS/set)
  • 1 x Adult Limb Clamp Electrodes (4 PCS/set)
  • 1 x Rechargeable battery 5000mAh
  • 1 x Power Adapter (European standard)
  • 1 x Operation manual

Optional Accessories (Available at an additional price):

  • 10pcs Disposable Adult ECG Electrodes
  • 6pcs Chest Electrodes for Children
  • 4pcs Limb Electrodes for Children
  • Carry Bag
  • Type-C to USB3.0 Cable
  • Power Adapter (British Standard)
  • Power Adapter (Australia Standard)

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