Matters Needing Attention When Using ECG Monitor

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Ⅰ. Advantages of ECG Monitor

  • The ECG monitor is a practical precision medical instrument in hospitals, which can simultaneously monitor the patient's activity. ECG monitor has functions such as collection and storage of ECG information, intelligent analysis, and early warning. Moreover, it has the characteristics of precise monitoring, and touch screen control, which is simple and convenient.

Ⅱ. Precautions when using the ECG monitor

  1. If there is regular atrial activity, a lead with a good P wave display should be selected.
  2. The QRS amplitude should be >0.5mV to trigger the heart rate counting.
  3. The ECG monitor is only to monitor the heart rate and heart rhythm changes. If you need to analyze the ST-segment abnormality and observe the ECG changes in more detail, you should do a conventional lead ECG.
  4. When an alarm occurs during continuous ECG monitoring, if a line is displayed on the oscilloscope screen or the blood oxygen saturation is not displayed, consider: (1) Whether the power cord is faulty or the heartbeat of the child stops; (2) Whether the electrode or probe is off.
  5. The nurse first observes the patient's condition, whether the rapid heart rate is related to the fluid velocity, fever or body dryness; whether the slow heart rate is related to apnea and shallow breathing.
  6. Eliminate interference.
  7. The child should lie still and the electrode plates should be tightly attached.
  8. The ECG monitor should be placed away from the wall.
  9. The sickbed and the patient should leave the wall.
  10. There must be a certain distance between other electrical appliances and the ECG monitor.
  11. The ground wire must be completely grounded to avoid machine leakage and affecting personal safety.
  12. The ECG monitor screen should be wiped with 95% alcohol cotton balls every week.
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