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Lepu Creative Medical

Lepu Creative Medical PC-303 Spot-check Monitor con caja

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Optional Accessory
* Pantallas OLE D con rotación automática en 4 direcciones SpO2, PR, PI, barra de pulso y forma de onda
* Aplicable a adultos, pediátricos y neonatos con sonda externa
* Alarma audible y visual con indicación de batería baja
* Módulo inalámbrico con aplicación para visualización en tiempo real
* Encendido/apagado automático
* Medición de SpO2, frecuencia de pulso, PI, que muestra la barra de pulso y la forma de onda

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Leaona Ritchie
Fab All in one rechargeable ova machine

This obs machine is great. They even provided a case and all equipment provided. ECG machine with leads ( both reusable and one use, bm machine with strips , pen and needles .thermometer, 02 prob and bp cuff. All connect to the main machine that is rechargeable. The charge lasts a long time. Measurements seem correct, I am a nursing home nurse in uk, at times trying to find obs equipment that has working batteries are the Bain of all the nurses. Having this charged up , ready to go saves so much time and stress. It is expensive but so worth it. Over the years I have spent the same amount replacing batteries and machines . The app is fantastic and sends results straight to the phone , which I save and have bought a little thermal printer to print off result to put into the care plans .