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Lepu Creative Medical

Lepu Creative Medical SP-20 Handheld-Pulsoximeter

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Optional Accessory
* OLE-D-Displays mit automatischer Rotation in 4 Richtungen SpO2, PR, PI, Pulsbalken und Wellenform
* Anwendbar für Erwachsene, Kinder und Neugeborene mit externer Sonde
* Akustischer und visueller Alarm mit Anzeige für niedrigen Batteriestand
* Drahtloses Modul mit APP für Echtzeitanzeige
* Automatisches Ein-/Ausschalten
* Messung von SpO2, Pulsfrequenz, PI, Anzeige von Pulsbalken und Wellenform


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Customer Reviews

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sarah barron

Having searched for a longtime for a monitor for my Son I was recommended this one. I was dubious about ordering as I have been scammed before. Really cannot recommend this highly enough. Very fast delivery to UK and the monitor is outstanding. Having spent 31 years trying to find something decent for my severely disabled Son I am so pleased I have this monitor. So grateful

jimmy castano

The product work perfect, and is very easy to use, I also have a question, I also other one more on 6-03-2024 by the app recommended SHOP where I was tracking the first order and also order this second order ,by this moment I only can see the my new order is placed since June 3, if is possible for you to help me out with this , this is very important to me and for my patients. Thank you for your help.

Tony O.
Lepu Pulseoxymeter review

Excellent device. Took my readings to the pulmonologist to review. I'll be monitoring my oxygen health from now on. Thank you Lepu.

Mark Forson

Lepu Digital Portable Rechargeable Handheld Pulse Oximeter SP-20 for Infant Kid Adult Android iPhone with Wireless Bluetooth Connection

Barbara Murphy
Wish I’d been aware of this product years ago.

This is absolutely the best purchase I’ve ever made for my Dravet Syndrome daughter’s care. I’m able to track her O2 saturation accurately for the first time because, unlike the regular fingertip pulse oximeters I’ve always had her wear at night, this device shows the waveform. And I don’t have to chance waking her up trying to view the screen because I can set this up on her bedside table and read vitals just by looking in on her. I am SO pleased with the high quality of this purchase! I wish I’d known about it long ago, would have saved me countless nights of worry wondering if my daughter’s numbers were accurate.